& Staffing

Through this service, we recruit staff members and hire them under our own payroll while they provide their services to our client’s company.

  • Staff members are registered under our company.
  • We are responsible for the work liability of every associate.
  • We offer additional benefits to our associates.
  • Our clients enjoy savings in their HR department.
  • We take care of liquidations and contact terminations.

What Are the Benefits?

Trabajo en equipo

Reduces Expenses

Account Executive Support

Project Flexibility

Proyecto en equipo

Increases HR Productivity

Conflict Management Expertise

Trabajando en oficina

Why Choose GoSinergia?

Expertise necesario

We have the knowledge and expertise your company is looking for.

Conocimiento del Mercado, Tabuladores de Sueldos, Beneficios, Sistemas de trabajo, esquemas de contratación.

We are experts in the market, salary tabs, work systems, and contracting schemes.

Sabemos la necesidad y el sentido de urgencia del Cliente

We understand the needs and urgency of our clients.


We build effective work teams.

Generamos una sociedad de negocios con nuestros Clientes

We create a business society with our clients.

When to Hire Staffing?


When looking for a definitive strategy to avoid workspace conflicts and reduce expenses, working with third-party supported personnel.

When offering your associates a trial period, giving them the opportunity to later become permanent collaborators in your company.


When working with temporary or short-term projects.

Prueba temporal


  • Visit our clients in order to become familiar with their environment, their mission, their vision, and their particular needs
  • Project sizing with the client and reach of the project
  • Service proposal
  • Periodic operation
  • Project implementation (Enrolling associates to our company database, and going over the recruitment process)
  • Contracts and formalization of project.

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